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Privacy and cookies policy

We prioritize your privacy before anything else. That’s why, we at CyberCorp Limited go over with a fine tooth comb when it comes to securing your confidential data. The privacy statement is proof of how we collect your information on this website and later put it to use.

The entitled privacy policy is applicable to our website , as well as its associated subdomains. Your accessing or using of our services clearly denotes that you have read, comprehended and agree to our terms of the Privacy Policy.

Key Terminologies And Definitions

  1. Cookie- A cookie is a little piece of information created by a website and retained by your browser. It is employed to recognise your browser, offer statistics, and save data about you, such as your preferred language or login information.
  2. Company- This policy's references to "Company," "we," "us," or "our" refer to CyberCorp, which is in charge of handling your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  3. Country- In this situation, India is where CyberCorp or its owners/founders are based.
  4. Consumer- The term "consumer" refers to the business, group, or individual that registers to utilise the CyberCorp service to handle interactions with your clients or service users.
  5. Device- Any internet-connected gadget that can be used to access CyberCorp's website and use its services, including a phone, tablet, computer, and other gadgets.
  6. IP addresses- Every Internet-connected device is given an Internet protocol (IP) address, which is a numerical identifier. Geographic blocks are often used to assign these numbers. It is frequently possible to determine the location from which a device is connecting to the Internet using its IP address.
  7. Personnel- Those people who work for CyberCorp or who have a contract to provide services to one of the parties.
  8. Confidential Information- Any information that may be directly, indirectly, or in conjunction with other information is considered personal data, and this includes a personal identity number.
  9. Service- Alludes to the service offered by CyberCorp as specified on this platform and in the related agreements (if any are available).
  10. Additional services- Advertisers, contest sponsors, promotional and marketers, and other parties that contribute to our content or whose goods or services we believe you would find interesting are all considered third-party services.
  11. Company’s website- The website for CyberCorp is available at this address:

How Do We Collect And Use Your Information?

We mostly use the following two ways to collect Data:

  • Data that you provide us
  • Data that is automatically collected pursuant while visiting your website.

With third parties that offer our content or whose goods or services we believe you would find interesting, such as advertisers, contest sponsors, promotional and marketing partners, and others, we may share the information we gather, both personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable. Your personal and non-personal information may also be shared or transferred to our successors-in-interest if we are involved in a merger, asset sale, or other business reorganisation. We may also share it with our existing and future related companies and business partners.

For tasks and services including hosting and maintaining our servers and service, database storage and management, e-mail management, storage marketing, credit card processing, customer care, and order fulfilment, we may work with dependable third-party service providers.

With third parties including web analytics partners, application developers, and ad networks, we may share sections of our log file data, including IP addresses, for analytics reasons. If your IP address is shared, it could be used to determine your approximate location as well as other technographic like link speed, if you access the service in a shared space, and the kind of device you used. They could compile data about our advertisements and the content you see on the service before offering auditing, research, and reporting services to us and our advertisers.