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Welcome to CyberCorp: Your Shield in the Digital Storm.

We are here to protect you from the dangers of the digital world. When you choose CyberCorp, you're choosing safety and security.
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Securing Your Digital World, One Byte at a Time.

We are dedicated to securing every aspect of your digital life, no matter how small. Trust us to handle your cybersecurity needs with precision and care.
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Empowering Your Digital Life, Safeguarding Your Every Click.

We empower you to embrace the digital world with confidence. Every click you make is protected by CyberCorp, ensuring that you can explore and thrive in the online space.
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Join the Cyber-Resilience Revolution with CyberCorp at Your Side.

We invite you to be part of a movement towards cyber resilience. With CyberCorp by your side, you can embrace the challenges of cybersecurity with confidence and resilience.
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Your Trusted Partner in Cybersecurity

We are more than just a cybersecurity provider; we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of cybersecurity. Welcome to CyberCorp, where trust and reliability are at the core of everything we do.



CyberCorp is leading the way in an innovative approach to its partners as the first SPAC of its kind in the cybersecurity domain. The Company proudly embraces a Co-operative Corporate identity, dedicated to fostering mutual growth and achieving prodigious excellence together. In terms of acquisition and innovation, CyberCorp is challenging traditional notions of organic growth and horizontal integration. It distinguishes itself from typical SPACs by acting as a co-operative corporate that places mutual collaboration at the forefront of driving innovative growth through organic mechanisms. Our visionary concept transcends conventional business acquisitions by prioritizing partner growth at its core.

Centralized Management

CyberCorp consolidates security operations, simplifying management and monitoring with a unified interface.

Actionable Insights

CyberCorp offers proactive threat intelligence, revealing vulnerabilities and guiding strategic defense enhancements through data analysis.

Scalability and Flexibility

CyberCorp offers scalable and adaptable security solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes, ensuring growth-aligned protection.



CyberCorp: Pioneering Innovations

CyberCorp’s credibility speaks volumes beyond accolades, backed by esteemed partnerships and institutional support.

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CyberCorp iDEX Logo 3


CyberCorp iDEX Logo 3

Kambill Systems Pvt Ltd.



CyberCorp 10x Security Coverage


Increase in security coverage

CyberCorp 2 Hour Deployment Time


Deployment Time

CyberCorp 100 Data Locality


Data Locality

faster Resolution


Faster Resolution

Cost Reduction


Reduction in cyber assurance cost

Solution Highlights

Next-Gen Technologies That Your Business Needs

Modern day Cyber-Threats needs Feature Enriched Futuristic Solution.
The Zero-Trust Solution That You Can Trust


The customer data face threats from Network, Host, Application, End Points when exposed internally or externally.


Network, System, Application scanners and vulnerability detectors help in identifying and fixing the Known vulnerabilities.


Vendor-Specific hardware bundled with software reduces the freedom of the customer, and increases cost of switching because of Vendor Lock-In.


Continuous Monitoring and Management of the enterprise infrastructure resulting optimized end-user experience.


Secured and Segmented Network, Host, Application, End-points assures the Zero-trust enterprise security.

Zero-Knowledge Proof

Simulate and emulate an attack without spending on the Hardware or worrying about risking the existing/production infrastructure.

Zero-Day deployment

Enterprise infrastructure is well evaluated and hardware resources are carefully estimated during the PoC, which make the solution deployment a Zero-Day.


CyberCorp Products

Discover the comprehensive suite of CyberCorp products, providing cutting-edge solutions for cyber assurance, email security, deception and decoy management, web application firewall protection and many more.

Network Intrusion Detection System

Network Intrusion Detection System

Enhancing network security, CyberCorp NIDS swiftly detects threats, offers real-time monitoring, and customizable policies, ensuring proactive defense against cyber attacks across various industries.

Network Behavior Anomaly Detection

Network Behavior Anomaly Detection

Empower your network security with CyberCorp NBAD: Real-time threat detection, anomaly identification, and proactive defense against evolving cyber threats across diverse industries.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Endpoint Detection & Response

Enhance cybersecurity with CyberCorp EDR: Detect vulnerabilities, patch management, system monitoring, compliance, and threat detection aligned with MITRE ATT&CK® matrix, all in a comprehensive SIEM dashboard.

System Performance Management

System Performance Management

Revolutionize system performance management with CyberCorp SPM: Real-time monitoring, resource optimization, enhanced security, and customizable alerts for seamless operations across diverse industries.

DMARC Analyzer

DMARC Analyzer

Strengthen email security with CyberCorp DMARC Analyzer, safeguarding legitimate emails from being blocked or marked as spam, while also providing protection against CEO Fraud and phishing attempts.

Deception and Decoy management

Deception and Decoy management

CyberCorp Deception and Decoy Management employs strategic decoys and deception tactics to thwart cyber threats, offering proactive defense and valuable insights into attacker strategies. Elevate your cybersecurity defense with CyberCorp, safeguarding your business and ensuring a secure digital future.

Email Trap Analyzer

Email Trap Analyzer

CyberCorp Email Trap Analyzer fortifies defenses against phishing and spam attacks with advanced threat detection, phishing mitigation, and malware defense, ensuring comprehensive protection and empowering organizations to safeguard sensitive data.

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall

CyberCorp ADR offers real-time threat detection, DDOS mitigation, and compliance with OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25, ensuring robust security and simplified management for diverse industry applications.

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CyberCorp Unified Cyber Assurance platform

CyberCorp UCAP is a self-healing military grade solution built on an Edge-Cloud platform providing�  30+ Security Products built-in & integrated with SIEM enabling cyber safety & data assurance.

Blocking Blacklisting

Blocking Blacklisting

Blocking Blacklisting

Blocking and blacklisting are two different methods used to prevent access to certain websites

Preventing Data & Credential Leakage

Preventing Data & Credential Leakage

Preventing Data & Credential Leakage

Data and credential leakage can be a serious problem for businesses, as it can result in data




Our approach towards Malware protection includes comprehensive services such as: Use of ant




In today's digital world, cyber fraud is becoming an increasingly common threat to businesses.