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CyberCorp is a pioneer and strategic conglomerate created to work across public and private establishments for building up vigorous and dependable cybersecurity solutions through the integration of assimilated products, services and amalgamation of ventures; challenging traditional ways of doing business by engaging all stakeholders on a complemented platform.

We look at the entire threat picture and work with partners across government and industry to defend against today’s threats while securing the nation’s critical infrastructure against threats that are just over the horizon. We work with partners to defend against today’s threats and collaborate to build a more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future. The CyberCorp strives to lead the national and global efforts to understand, manage and reduce risk to our cyber and tangible infrastructure.

CyberCorp connects its stakeholders in the industry and law enforcement agencies to resources, analyses and tools to help build secure cyber, communications, and physical security and resilience, to ensure a secure and resilient infrastructure for the people. As sweeping cyber threats continue to upsurge, the core belief of CyberCorp is bolstering that cyber and physical threat to critical infrastructures can only be addressed by the unification of effectual efforts and pragmatic solutions.

The year 2023 is marked by our pledge for advanced strategic associations to bequeath a secure and resilient infrastructure for the nation. Our Strategic Plan is set against a risk landscape that encompasses an increasingly interconnected, global cyberspace in which India faces 24/7/365 asymmetric cyber threats with large-scale, real-world impacts.

Our Vision

To create a robust and consistently vital cybersecurity ecosystem for the people.

Our Mission

Inevitably endeavours to understand, manage and reduce risk to the cyber and physical infrastructure.

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