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CyberCorp Limited, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) based in India, is dedicated to partnering with and integrating cybersecurity companies and their intellectual properties across the United States, India, Singapore, the Gulf Region, and Israel. A crucial aspect of its acquisition approach is an emphasis on identifying potential partner companies with valuable intellectual property assets.

As a pioneering strategic conglomerate operating within both public and private sectors, CyberCorp aims to establish robust and reliable cybersecurity solutions through integrated product offerings and service options that challenge traditional business practices. By engaging all stakeholders on a complementary platform, CyberCorp seeks to revolutionize the industry's approach to cybersecurity ventures.

We survey the entire threat landscape and collaborate with government and industry partners to protect against current threats while safeguarding critical infrastructure from emerging ones. Our mission is to spearhead national and global initiatives aimed at comprehending, managing, and mitigating cyber risks to both tangible assets and intangible data.

CyberCorp fosters collaboration between stakeholders in the law enforcement community and private sector by providing access to resources, analyses, and tools for building secure communication networks, physical security measures, and resilient infrastructures that guarantee safety for all citizens. As cyber threats escalate on a sweeping scale, CyberCorp remains steadfast in its belief that only through concerted efforts can we effectively address both digital and physical vulnerabilities associated with critical infrastructure protection.

The year 2024 is characterized by our commitment to forging advanced strategic partnerships that will yield a secure and resilient infrastructure for the nation. Our Strategic Plan is tailored to address risks emanating from an increasingly interconnected, global cyberspace, where India confronts asymmetric cyber threats around-the-clock with far-reaching real-world consequences.

Our firm provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, services, and products spanning SOC (Security Operations Center), Cyber-Defence encompassing UAV (manufacturing/mapping/data processing/anti-drone radar systems), secure aviation facilities, aircraft simulations, artificial intelligence, analytics, digital visualizations as well as Cyber-Forensics featuring real-time cybercrime data management tools, forensic investigation instruments alongside secured web-solutions and cyber-Edu-tech.

The estimated value of the global cyber security market in 2022 was USD 202.72 billion, and it is foreseen to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.3% from 2023 to 2030. The rise in the number of cyber-attacks due to e-commerce platforms' proliferation, smart devices' emergence, and cloud deployment are major factors driving market expansion. Additionally, the increasing use of Internet of Things (IoT)-equipped devices and intelligent technologies is expected to increase instances of cyber threats. Consequently, end-user organizations are expected to incorporate advanced cyber security solutions as a means of mitigating against such risks associated with cyber-attacks while supporting market growth.