Key Management

Key Management

Dr. Shirish M Gupte

Executive Director & International Management

Dr. Shirish Gupte is a Chemical Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-B).

Dr. Gupte received his Masters and Doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Buffalo. He has also completed a Certificate course on U.S. Public Policy: Social, Economic, and Foreign Policies from the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University. Dr. Gupte has handled projects throughout the Middle East and Indian subcontinent totaling over USD $500 million. He is also the CEO of ICT Oman, a leading financial advisory of GCC.

Mr. Atul Kumthekar photo

Mr. Atul Kumthekar

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Atul Kumthekar an Engineering Graduate of IIT Bombay 1983 - 87 batch, a passionate technology dabbler primarily a design methodologist always interested to look into challenges, small and big. Atul started his career journey in CAD/CAM and ANSYS/FEM software, so all mechanical world and eventually led him to jump into software world of programming and design master variety of languages and object oriented world. Sprint Telecommunications, US gave opportunity to interact with one of the Amigos of Object Oriented pioneer, helping on design thinking immensely.

Atul has travelled globally with work experience in US and a small one in Europe for jobs mostly. Post return to India, Atul’s innovation and entrepreneurial spirits are quite high! He also has a good local (Pune, India) network. His passion about Marathi (local language of Maharashtra state in India) world give him work life balance in Pune, primarily because Pune is the Mecca of Indian classical music and cultural capital for literature, dramatics and education. Pune is also known as Oxford of the east and is fast evolving IT hub next to Bangalore providing lower cost and smart workforce.

Atul has grown teams for 4 startups in different domains and technologies post return to India in 2004 and loved the journey. Last one, being the Sales force cloud partner team that grew to 50 plus and the company was eventually sold.

Atul has also built two product lines – Document signature backed by blockchain and Event management software for non-profits on Salesforce cloud.

Atul was part of the eight finalist teams out of 600 participants in an innovation/startup program by Intel®, Santa Clara, US, with the idea of 'Identity and Data management using blockchain technology' focusing onhealthcare industry where OYD (Own Your Data) was the key idea. Due to COVID the program was shortened and only 3 teams were funded hence, the journey ended with Atul’s earning 'Team Player' Badge from Intel, Santa Clara, US.

Atul is now all geared up to take the next leap with CyberCorp into cyber security space.

Mr. Rajan Matta photo

Mr. Rajan Matta

Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Rajan Matta, is a Finance Professional having over 24+ years of experience in Corporate Finance, Banking, Accounts, Auditing, Taxation, Investment, Risk Management & Insurance, Business Strategy and Legal matters in various Industrial sectors with Large Corporates in India and UAE. He is a Chartered Accountant and Management Accountant (CIMA-UK).

Mr. Matta looks after Finance function in CyberCorp Limited. He is key contact for Financial Due Diligence and Merger & Acquisition of the Target Companies.

He has vast experience in Finance Leadership Role with previous organisations. He is a keen student of World Economics & Politics, International Finance and Valuation, Green Energy and Science & Technology with a zeal to discover Innovative New Age Disruptive Business Models.

Mr Matta is also associated with Uttar Pradesh Development Forum (UPDF) for Philanthropy and Development works and occasionally contributes articles for Business magazines.

Mr. Anoop Kumar Lilhori photo

Mr. Anoop Kumar Lilhori

President - Corporate Relations

Mr. Anoop Kumar Lilhori is the President- Corporate Relations in CyberCorp Limited. He has more than 26+ years of experience in heading Corporate Affairs Department in top fortune 500 companies. A qualified Electrical Engineer and a management savvy, Anoop is known for his versatility and fecundity.

Beside his broader role as the flag bearer of the brand CyberCorp, he is the key contact for the Company at institutional and Government levels.

He is entrusted to expand and achieve the company's future goals, including its vast scope of innovative products, services and solutions.

Mr. Anoop is also active in social welfare activities and enjoy prestigious memberships of several prestigious welfare groups and also the Rotary Club International.

Mr. Raushan Raj

Mr. Raushan Raj

AVP (Outreach Management)

Meet Mr. Raushan Raj, a skilled and accomplished technology professional with more than 15 years of experience. In 2009, he founded Avant-Garde Technologies and has since demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial abilities and leadership qualities as its CEO.

He has extensive knowledge and expertise in different technological domains with a post-graduate degree in Computer Application. Besides, his hobby of exploring the latest technological gadgets and advancements keeps him at the forefront.

Mr. Raushan is an experienced Technical Advisor who has worked with both startups and established brands. He has a proven track record of building high-performing teams and promoting a collaborative work environment.

He has been recognised for his exceptional contributions and honoured with the National Economic Growth Award by the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India. Mr. Raushan also received the National Achievement Award for his remarkable work in Computer and Information Technology during the National Seminar on Globalisation of Economic and Social Development.

Currently, he serves as the Associate Vice President of Outreach Management at CyberCorp Limited, where he is known as a technology visionary and a driving force behind innovation.

With his technical expertise, focus on clients, and enthusiasm for new technologies, he is a leading figure in the industry. His goal is to drive growth and innovation while making a significant impact on the organizations he works with.

Mr. Yash Arya photo

Mr. Yash Arya

AVP and Head - Strategic Business

Mr. Yash Arya is a qualified Computer Engineer and did his post graduation from Indian Institute for Foreign Trade (IIFT, New Delhi) along with Financial Inclusion and Artificial Intelligence Course from IIM Lucknow and IIT Kanpur respectively and known for his leadership qualities, versatility and adaptability.

He is the Associate Vice President in Institutional Sales of CyberCorp Limited. He has more than 15+ years of experience and is responsible for identifying and researching suitable Cyber Security companies and helps the teams to negotiate the terms and conditions of Merger & Acquisition. He is leading the international business engagements, merger and acquisition, collaboration and fund raising activities. Part of his role is to develop Investor Eco-system in the international network of Trade, Technology, and Innovation, He is responsible for bringing investments in India for Cyber Security companies along with country wise partnership building, with special focus on Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, USA and Europe.

Beside his broader role as the flag bearer of the brand CyberCorp, he is the key contact for the Company at Startup and Investor relations, leading several domestic and international projects at institutional and Government levels.

Mr. Yash Arya is on senior advisory board of world’s reputed chambers of commerce and indulges in social welfare activities through his own NGO and enjoys prestigious memberships of several prestigious welfare groups.

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