According to a report, 82% of attacks against the automotive industry are carried out remotely, and half of all vehicle thefts involved keyless entry. Additionally, traditional network attacks and data breaches are also a major concern.

The use of CyberCorp's solutions can help protect connected vehicles from cyber threats. With the increasing use of technology in modern cars, the risk of cyber attacks on vehicles has grown. CyberCorp's solutions can help prevent these attacks and ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. Additionally, cybersecurity can help protect proprietary information and intellectual property for car manufacturers, which is critical for the industry's growth and competitiveness.

With our expertise, the automotive industry can benefit greatly from our services. We can work with automotive manufacturers and downstream suppliers to help them become more digitally secure, mitigating the risk of cyber threats to their systems and data.

CyberCorp's stakeholder connections to industry and law enforcement agencies can also provide the automotive industry with access to resources, analyses, and tools to help build secure cyber, communications, and physical security and resilience, ensuring a secure and resilient infrastructure. Thus, from implementing change management strategies and providing threat intelligence to offering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, we can help ensure the safety and security of the automotive industry.

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